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Why reviews are so important


Why reviews are so important.  We’ve had several clients who were very unhappy with their previous excavating person who then hire us to come in a “fix” what the previous company/person did.

We’ve also heard of several operators who were paid upfront and then walked away in the middle of the job because it ended up being too hard or costly for them – leaving the client on the hook (and often out some money) to find a new excavator to finish their project.  And we’ve also heard of some scammers who quote a job, get paid up-front and the client never hears from them again.

Finally, there are MANY amateur operators who think they are experienced enough to run a skid steer and get a job done – but don’t actually possess the skill on how to read the land/dirt to provide the correct and best result for the client.  You need an experienced operator to get good results.  Reading client reviews will help give you a good idea about if they are a quality excavation company.


Brandi Ward

A&B Excavation


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