For the most thorough and detailed excavation, land clearing and site prep work in and around North Fort Worth, few companies can compare to A&B Excavation.  Built with quality as our primary focus, our reputation for flawless work, integrity and customer service stretches far and wide.

  • We pride our company on reliability, great communication, integrity, and quality work. We are experts in our trade and will do our best to keep you as educated as we can on your particular task or project. We look forward to earning your business! Reach out to us online or feel free to give us a call today!
  • Request a Quote: We’ll visit your site to develop an excavation workplan and accurate estimate!
  • Quality Excavation Services in North Fort Worth: From excavating and clearing lots to grading to removing debris to demolition, there is little that A&B Excavation can’t do.  Simply put, we’re a small and locally owned/operated, top-quality excavation company that puts our talent to work for you.  We’ll make your excavation project or site preparation go smoothly.
  • Our excavation services are available after storms or in response to emergencies. One call and we’ll be on our way to your location.

Land Clearning

There are countless situations where professional land clearing may be needed, ranging from clearing a lot for a new house to road construction to massive clearing options that prepare land for a new subdivision.  Regardless of the size of your land clearing job, A&B Excavation is ready to deliver quality work that sets the stage for your plans.

Our expert operator at A&B Excavation has experience working in residential and commercial settings and has performed countless full lot clearings for both.  Our land clearing specialists are complemented by a full selection of top-level equipment, including excavators, bulldozers, brush cutters, hauling trucks, grading machines, chain saws, and much more.

As one of the first jobs to be done on any development project, you need a local partner that will make sure the lot or land clearing work gets done on time.  At A&B Excavation, we are aware of how important it is to stay on schedule and our team will arrive ready to work effectively and efficiently every day we’re on the site.
Get a professional land clearing company you can trust by calling A&B Excavation at123-456-7890.


At A&B Excavation, excavation is what we do, pure and simple.  From pad or pond excavation to residential backfilling to trenching for utility or drainage installations, we’ve completed nearly every job imaginable and we’re always up for a new challenge.  In dealing with us, you have an excavation partner that knows what needs to be done and is ready for even complex tasks. 

The difference we bring to your excavation project is our impressive level of expertise and service.  We sincerely want to deliver the best results – and it shows.  Our team will do everything in their power to understand the specifics of your job and A&B Excavation will always go the extra mile to ensure it’s done right!

Whether you’re clearing a lot to prepare for upcoming construction, removing debris, or installing utilities or drainage, we’ll take care of every detail.  A&B Excavation is your experienced expert for excavation of all types and sizes.

Contact North Fort Worth’s premier excavation firm by calling 940-536-9784 and speaking directly with Art from A&B Excavation.

Site Preparation

Before any construction project starts, it will need a full site preparation that addresses leveling, grading, soil compaction, and much more.  At A&B Excavation, we’re a full featured site preparation company that knows how to turn existing land into a blank canvas for your project, whether it’s a new home construction or multi-building installation property.

Site preparation often goes deeper than land owners think, both literally and figuratively.  In addition to the obvious concerns, A&B Excavation will also analyze the existing water, future drainage needs, and erosion control to make sure your site is perfectly prepared to be developed according to your plans.

Getting the right permits for the various site preparation services you need can be a hassle, but A&B Excavation is here to help.  We’ll assist will permit applications to make sure your job starts and finishes on time in a completely legal manner.

Start your development project on the right foot with complete site preparation services from A&B Excavation.  Call us today at 940-536-9784.

Grading and Sloping

If there’s one job where you need a professional, it’s grading.  At A&B Excavation we’re grading experts and have serviced the greater Fort Worth area with grading jobs of all shapes and sizes, including rough grading, finish grading, hillside grading and more.  Residential and commercial property owners know to call us when quality is what’s needed.

As having a solid foundation to work on is of paramount importance, even small mistakes could severely affect your construction or landscaping immensely.  Our grading team will start with a full walk-through of the site and develop a plan that includes site planning, soil compaction, water drainage and future utility infrastructure needs.

Grading is a specialized skill, and many companies are under-qualified to properly provide this type of service, but with A&B Excavation, we’ll guarantee that you’ll be given quality results that address your long-term needs.  Our work will be clearly explained before the work starts and comes with a service guarantee.

Don’t compromise your grading quality with an inexperienced company.  Call A&B Excavation at 940-536-9784 for Fort Worth’s most qualified grading expert.


There’s more to demolition than just tearing down a structure and clearing the debris.  At A&B Excavation, we’ll review the site to be demolished for any potential problem areas, such as existing utility infrastructure or live electrical wires.  We’ll take care of every detail to make sure your demolition goes as smoothly as possible.

In many cases, our clients want to preserve materials for a demolition for other purposes.  A&B Excavation is fully capable of separating reusable bricks, wood and more as well as hauling off trash and debris for disposal.  Our demolition services are available for any site, whether it’s residential or commercial.

We are equipped to deal with every possible situation, from being able to break concrete to partnering with hazardous material professionals to handle asbestos.  Focused on safety and efficient demolition work, A&B Excavation will have your site quickly ready for the next stage of development.

If it needs to be torn down, then A&B Excavation is the right choice.  Call 940-536-9784 to discuss details and schedule a site visit.

Specialty services

There are many specialty requests we get time and time again, such as:

  • Utility installation (in-ground)
  • Drainage systems installation
  • Ponds and Lakes
  • Driveways and Parking Lots
  • Mulching

A&B Excavation has deep knowledge and expertise about these types of projects will ensure they are executed quickly and efficiently.  We partner with utility companies to bury/install utility lines, can recommend and install drainage system (like French drains or catch basins) to redirect standing water or water run-off, will excavate ponds or develop lakes for any property needs, regularly build driveways and parking lots and provide mulching services to clean up overgrowth, pastures, wooded areas and more.  These specialty projects can be a challenge for property owners and manager, but at A&B Excavation, can knock these out quickly and easily with a professional finish.

Let us help you manage these and get them off your to-do list.  Contact A&B Excavation at 940-536-9784 and discuss your project needs with us.

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