Quality people; quality work; excellent performance...will use them as often as possible in the future. They show up on time and do what they agreed to do. Great folks...

Fred Bailey Avatar
Fred Bailey

5 star ratingA&B Excavation did an awesome job giving two ponds I can now train dogs on. He also built me a 500 yard gun range with the dirt they removed.

Alan Y. Avatar
Alan Y.

A&B Excavation. Took 2 useless round ponds and added some technical points and depth to make 2 very useful ponds once they fill up. He also took all the dirt he removed from the ponds and the dirt he got cutting down the massive humps also called damns and spread it out so now all the elevations flow towards the ponds. He also made a channel connecting them so if one fills faster than the other the rest of the water flows to the other.
They not only did a excellent job but they did it in under a week. I couldn't be happier.

Thanks A&B for a job well done.

alan young Avatar
alan young

Outstanding company!!! Art the owner of A&B Excavation was very professional and knowledgeable in what had to be done to fix our drainage problem on my 1 acre lot. His worker John arrived on time and completed the work to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend A&B Excavation. Thanks Art and John for a job well done.


Donald Shaft Avatar
Donald Shaft

I used A&B Excavation reshape a section of our land and they were great. Easy to work with, and their work was awesome! The water issue we were having had been resolved. They knew almost as soon as they arrived where the water was going and explained to me how they were going to divert it from our added concrete slab that were going to be putting a metal building on. Highly recommend Art and his crew.

Anthony Lipsey Avatar
Anthony Lipsey

If you need dirt work done, these are your folks! I called Art last Wednesday, he came by the next day (when he said he would), gave me a bid (a best case and worst case scenario). We scheduled the work that day for today (the very next Wednesday). They did exactly what he said they would do, when he said they would do it, and the total cost was much closer to the best case scenario. My job was 7 truckloads of dirt, spreading, leveling, and solving a drainage issue. Obviously I have not had a gigantic rain yet to determine that in fact the drainage issue is solved perfectly. But for now, I couldn't be more satisfied. I highly recommend these folks.

Brad Moore Avatar
Brad Moore

Excavate or Grade the slope of the grounds We had a pond that was in need of MAJOR repair here at our 58 acre children’s home. Art and his crew came out and made it look beautiful again. They were very efficient with there time and got it done quickly with zero issues. We are so happy with there work. A and B excavation took it upon themselves to fundraise money to stock the pond so our kids in care could go fishing. They went above and beyond! for us and the kiddos that live here to go fishing almost every day. Great people, Great company

Brandon Z

I couldn't be happier with the work A&B did at our place. Art did everything he said he would do and he got it done at the price he quoted me. To top it all off they were super easy to work with too!

james culpen Avatar
james culpen

I had a great experience with A&B Excavation. I would definitely use them again and I recommend them to others. They were super courteous, very professional, and very proficient. High quality, great value. Best thing is that they worked with us throughout the project with special requests. Thanks A&B!

B H Avatar

Probably the best company I’ve dealt with in years and I am a commercial builder ! From the field to the office this company is first class! Art and his fellow workers went constantly beyond what we asked for or paid for . Incredible work ethic , skill and character when it comes to over performing what they promised to do . We had a swimming pool demo and in-fill! In one day they did that and also as a free bonus contoured our entire yard and made it ready for sod ! He also offered to loan us his sprinkler devices - wow! Great company - honestly can’t say enough

J W Avatar

I can't say enough positive things about my experience with A&B Excavation and Art. We had a project with projected costs of $40,000 and with Art's engineering, problem solving and extensive big equipment expertise, we didn't have to spend near that to fix our 1.4 acre mess. We had a 270' x 6' ditch that needed to be filled and worked to allow natural water flow that wouldn't erode into the lake below. Originally our plan was to fill as much as we could with the dirt on site, which was not nearly enough, just to get the project started. However with Art's engineering and suggestions we were able to complete the entire project! He completed that in addition to removing an old fence, cleared vines and brush all in two days. It turned out better than we expected! We can now enjoy the land and see the water. I highly recommend A&B Excavation and we will use this company for more projects.

Home Owner Avatar
Home Owner

I have not met a harder working individual. Upfront and honest about abilities, suggestion and expectations. A new company but it’s easy to see his experience and skills with the equipment. No doubt, I will use them again. Thanks you again for your work, I will be recommending you to others.

Allen Singleton
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