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Here’s How A&B Excavation Family Celebrates the Holiday Season

Here’s How A&B Excavation Family Celebrates the Holiday Season


Thanksgiving is a time for families to come together and enjoy each other’s company. However, family businesses often have to skip out on this tradition because they have to put in long hours throughout November due to the high influx of sales.

The same goes for the Christmas season, where the employees often have to pull over time due to limited resources and miss out on the fresh gingerbread cookies and eggnog waiting for them at their homes. However, at A&B Excavation, we take a different approach. Here’s how we celebrate the holiday season:

Thanksgiving is All About Practicing Gratitude:

During November, we practice gratitude by giving back to those who are in need. Whether it’s food, clothes, or something else, we do our best to help the less fortunate ones. We also look back at the whole year and repeat all the successes and blessings we got in our business and personal lives. We show our thankfulness for:

  • Health and the strength to fight sickness
  • Professional success
  • Material and spiritual wealth
  • A life free of sorrows
  • A positive working environment at the office
  • Our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Being able to give back to the community whenever we can

We are also particularly thankful for staying protected from COVID19 this year. Many businesses were shut down, and people lost their lives – our heart goes out to them. At the same time, we are thankful that we managed to surf through this disastrous wave without exponential damages.

We Hit The Breaks Near Christmas:

Many businesses speed up their operations, double the working hours of their employees, and work round the clock to rake in as many dollar bills as they can – we don’t! We believe the Christmas season is best spent in the company of loved ones, not following orders day and night.

Therefore, we reduce the work hours of our employees, and as the 25th closes in, we start giving a week off to our employees so they can relish the joy of the holidays with their loved ones. It is also a common practice at A&B Excavation to offer bonuses and gifts to our employees during the season.

We want to ensure that everyone in the A&B Excavation family knows they are valued. It’s not just about providing a paycheck; it’s about recognizing the effort our employees put in every day, and we want to ensure that they know that they are appreciated.

Come, Be a Part of A&B Excavation Family’s Holiday Celebrations:

Whenever people search ‘land clearing near me’ or ‘pad work near me,’ they come across our business and only contact us because they need their site excavated. However, at this time of the year, we have more to offer than just our services.

So join us in our Holiday Celebrations by giving us a call now and getting your site cleared at a special holiday season discount. You can also be a part of our efforts in giving back to the community by donating whatever you can!

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