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Working With HOAs

Working With HOAs

As a past HOA President, Brandi Ward and her husband, Art – owners of A&B Excavation – understand the challenges that HOAs face.  Homeowners Association Board of Directors and their property managers are always looking after their neighborhoods and residents. They are the ones who are on the front lines, tirelessly working to build communities and to ensure everything is ready for residents to move in and stays functional afterward. They make sure these communities are habitable and safe.

For the past few years, we have been helping HOAs with land clearing and excavation projects. We partner with HOAs in many different areas, including tree and stump removal, clearing, pond filling, releveling, and drainage issues, to name a few.

We Help HOAs Make Their Communities Better:

When dead trees need to be removed, people often call a tree company.  Their services are great if you need tree trimming, or if the removal is particularly hazardous – like limbs overhanging power lines or a home.  However, they typically end up charging a significant amount for their services.  In most cases, an excavation company can do the removal for you, and at a lower rate! Additionally, oftentimes we’re able to remove the whole tree instead of leaving a stump.

We also perform regrading on properties with drainage issues, which is a permanent fix instead of installing pipes and drains that require annual maintenance. We can create ponds and even dredge one if needed with guaranteed satisfaction.  And we’ve ever worked with an HOA to fill in a pond, creating a beautiful green space that they use for a butterfly garden and activities location – all while maintaining adequate drainage for the property.

With several years of land clearing experience under our belt, we have become an all-in-one excavation solutions provider. HOAs reach out to us either by searching ‘land clearing near me’ on Google or via references of other HOAs. We always take our time to understand their needs and the project’s scope to ensure it’s done the way they want.

We can also handle all the logistics, including working with you to develop the best long-term solution for your complete satisfaction. Depending on the project, we can also take care of the paperwork, including getting permits from the city for the work that needs to be done.

With the number of HOAs increasing every year, it is vital to understand their needs. By leveraging our experience in these areas, we can offer our services in a manner that meets the expectations of the HOA. We help them spend their money wisely by providing quality work at reasonable rates.

Examples of Projects We’ve Completed With HOAs:

One of our projects required 16 dead trees to be removed and the site needed to be fully excavated. We worked with the city to get the proper permits and advised the HOA on a tree replacement plan.  Then we fully excavated the trees that we could and cut and stump ground the ones that were too close to stone walls – so that no damage would be done to community property.  Finally, we backfilled the holes with material, cleaned up, and releveled the area. What’s unique about this project is we pulled it off at a significantly lower cost than a tree removal company. Plus, they would’ve only cut the tree and left the stump – we took it out completely and filled up the hollow space to make the ground nice and smooth. The property looks great and the board was very pleased!

Another project involved filling a pond to level the ground and then creating an exquisite garden. The HOA wanted this done so they could put a butterfly garden on top of it. This was not an easy project because the pond needed to be filled carefully and with the right kind of material to ensure the area could still handle the amount of water that drained through it while the garden’s growth would not be affected in the future. However, our experts did the job to a tee, and the HOA was more than happy!


We are proud to work with community leaders to make our neighborhoods and communities beautiful and a wonderful place to live.

If you’re a part of the Homeowners Association and searching ‘excavation near me’ on Google, then stop! You’ve found your land clearing partner that’s willing to do all the heavy lifting for you and make your community an excellent place for every resident.  Contact Art at A&B Excavation today by calling 940-539-9784.

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