Getting involved in your community


Getting involved in your community

At AB Excavation we aim to involve ourselves with the local community as much as possible. And what better time of year, than around Christmas?

Paying it forward, giving back, and supporting our local businesses can go a long way in the winter months towards a more sustainable and happier community. Improving the overall happiness, helping communities thrive, and becoming better places to work and live is in spirit with our underlying philosophy of doing good in this world, and we are proud of our employees having an active role in the local communities.

By investing our time and attention towards the local communities, we hope to invest in people. We also encourage our employees to help out where they can, because we believe this type of interaction will create healthy, happy, and sustainable relationships throughout the community, which in turn will foster strong morals in the next generations, encourage more people to help out locally, and in time, improve the quality of life for all of us.

We have found that the more you help out other people, the more satisfied you become in life, and that translates to better relationships with friends and family, better experiences at work, and a better life in general.

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