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Athletic Field Development and Maintenance

Athletic Field Development and Maintenances

Proper development and grounds maintenance are vital in ensuring the safety of the players and enhancing the appeal of baseball, softball, football, soccer, track, and other athletic fields. It has the added benefit of leaving a more positive experience for the players, fans, families, and friends.

While school is out and seasonal athletics tend to slow or stop, now is the best time to take care of any releveling needs or upgrading your fields in any way. But did you know that you can hire an excavation company to do most of this, and they are probably already doing it, under your general or landscaping contractor?


Depending on the sport, location (indoor vs outdoor), and grass/turf, sports fields are built differently but they all have some basic standards.  For example, professional soccer fields typically use turf and include a rock base layer that is placed under the field.  This rock layer provides additional stability, helps the fields to last for years, and aids in draining water from rain.  Similarly, older baseball/softball fields frequently need to be re-leveled as they settle and bumps/ruts begin to appear which can cause injuries to players. And occasionally an outdoor field will need to be regraded which involves adding, cutting, and moving material to ensure there is a proper slope to provide natural drainage and runoff.  You can tell if this is needed after a hard rain when there is still a bunch of standing water.


When most people think about creating or maintaining a field, they think about their normal general contractor or a landscaping company.  If you have someone you are comfortable working with, this can be a great solution. Sometimes just having a great relationship with a good contractor can make the difference.  They’re already signed up as a vendor and you have previous experience with them.  But did you know that due to the size of these types of projects and the level of expertise that’s required, these companies usually outsource this work to an excavation company like us at A&B Excavation?


So another great option is to work directly with an excavation company for your field development and field maintenance like releveling or regrading.  This option can save you quite a lot in markup as well as help your project run more efficiently.  A quality excavation company will not only help you execute your plans, but they should also be able to offer you quality insights and solutions to help you save money or further improve the fields.  Moreover, they can help with other excavation, dirt work, and facilities improvement needs.

Some of the benefits of working directly with an excavation company include:

  1. EFFICIENCY (cut out the middleman)
  2. SAVE COSTS (no additional mark-up)
  4. QUICKER RESPONSE TIMES (on-demand and scheduling options)


At A&B Excavation we have worked on many fields, from high schools and colleges to athletic programs and clubs. Our experience means we understand the requirements to build a field new and have the skill to provide maintenance or upgrades during its lifetime. Moreover, we value efficiency, quality work, and professionalism.

If you’re a school and a member of the Educational Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT), we are currently signed with an Interlocal agreement so you can work directly with us very easily.

If you’re in looking to develop or improve the overall health and appearance of a field in the Keller, Colleyville, Denton, Justin, Flower Mound, or any of the surrounding areas, reach out to Art at 940-536-9784 to have him come take a look at your project.

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